What to Bring on a Snorkeling Trip

There are a couple of things that you should bring on your Key West snorkeling tours. The first is sunscreen. Even if the day is foggy and you don't think that you will need sunscreen, it is a good idea to use it. You will be floating in the water for the whole day with the sun beating down on you. Not only that, but the water makes it easier to burn. So, you will want to have some sunscreen on hand.

The next thing that you want to bring is good clothing. For snorkeling, some people choose to use a swimsuit. However, it's a good idea to wear a shirt as well. Make sure that it is a tight fitting shirt so that it doesn't drag in the water.

Generally, you do not need to bring food on your snorkeling trip. Food and water are covered as part of your fees. If you need any special dietary foods, you may want to bring them.

Cameras are a good idea if you want to take pictures of your journey. Only cameras with waterproof coverings should be brought on the trip, since other cameras may get wet. You could bring your digital camera for pictures on the boat, but be prepared to hold on to it during the boat ride out to sea. It can be a little rough depending on the Key West weather, and the waves will create a light sea spray that will get the camera lightly moist. As long as you keep a tight grip of your camera from getting in the water, your camera should be fine to bring aboard to capture the memories.

Finally, sunglasses and towels are a good idea. Likely you will not want to snorkel for the entire time, and your time on the boat can be improved with some sunglasses and a towel to sunbathe on. We recommend a sunscreen with at least a SPF 45, because the Florida sun gets a lot stronger in the middle of the ocean, and we don't want any of our guests to be uncomfortable for the rest of their stay in Key West, Florida.


Other than that, your snorkeling tour guides will take care of you the rest of the way, giving you a memorable vacation, snorkeling in Key West.