2 Eco Friendly Tips to Use When Snorkeling

The beautiful waters of Key West, and the vibrant underwater world of the coral reef is meant to be shared, and we love showing it off to visitors. Our concerns though are if we have the coral reef protected enough to make sure we have around for future generations to enjoy. Before booking your snorkeling tour in Key West, Florida, we advise you to read the following tips to make sure you understand how to be eco-friendly on your snorkeling adventure.

Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

The coral reef gardens surrounding the Keys, and the Atlantic coast of Florida have taken thousands of years to build, and one wrong turn and bump into this majestic formation could ruin hundreds of years worth of construction. We are protective about our reef because it is what makes our home so much more unique and beautiful. We ask that you try your best to be careful when snorkeling, and not to touch anything.

We want to keep attracting the hundreds of fish species that live amongst the Key West coral reef to snorkel and observe for years to come, so we want to educate our future visitors of how to help us achieve this goal. We ask that you have fun looking but not touching so the coral can continue to grow in harmony with us. If you take coral from the reef, this provides larger issues for our ecosystem of the Florida Keys than you can imagine, so please refrain from taking any souvenirs.

Help Clean Up the Waters

Unfortunately for us, not everyone that encounters the seas is as self-conscious as us, and can be apathetic about andldquo;cleaning up after him or herselfandrdquo;. The sad reality is people that throw their trash into the water from cruise ships or leave their trash on the beaches, really do exist. Sometimes it's not intentional, and sometimes it is. There are two things you can do that will help us keep our oceans and rivers clean if you do this.

First, if you see someone that intentionally litters the oceans or beaches, or anywhere in the world for that matter, politely say that you would appreciate if they could be responsible for their trash and to please put it in the receptacle that it belongs in. Do it in a polite and friendly manner to let them know you are asking as a fellow human being, and they will think twice about littering next time.

The second thing you can do to help us conserve our oceans is to help us clean up. Whether it's organizing a beach or river clean up, or simply bring in trash found on your Key West snorkel trip, every bit of an effort helps us save the marine lives of the coral reef. Imagine if you picked up a plastic bag from the ocean. You could have saved a Sea Turtle's life, which could have eaten the bag, mistaking it for it's favorite food, the jellyfish.

Snorkeling in Key West is a great thing to do, and we recommend you definitely book a tour for your vacation. We just want to make sure everyone understands these two tips before going on you embark on your Key West snorkeling adventure, and help us protect our coral reef!