Top Snorkeling Locations in Key West

There are a myriad of snorkel spots to choose from when in Key West, each of them offering something a bit different than the rest. One of the most interesting of these is Cottrell Key, which allows snorkelers to swim among rays. The Nine Foot Stake is a fantastic snorkel spot that is home to a wealth of sea-life and soft corals. The Sand Key Lighthouse is a memorable area that plays host to a wide array of tropical fish, including the revered Nurse Shark.

The Eastern Dry Rocks and Western Dry Rocks also offer some of the best snorkeling in Key West. Although their names are similar, they both provide very different experiences. The greatest thing about the Eastern Dry Rocks location is that the depth can range anywhere from 5 to 35 feet, making this spot one of the more accessible ones for even the most inexperienced of snorkelers. The reef in the area is picturesque and colorful, creating the perfect backdrop for your sailing and snorkeling adventures . It's also a prime location from which to view a plethora of underwater wrecks.

Western Dry Rocks is arguably the most enticing snorkel Key West spot throughout the area, as the relatively low traffic, particularly in comparison to a few other snorkel spots, makes this a more pristine snorkel location than its counterparts. Western Dry Rocks includes everything from tropical fish to game fish and plentiful coral that you can swim alongside. In the lower depths that only divers will be able to get to, there are caves, gullies and cliffs to keep experienced divers entertained for days. If you're snorkeling primarily to experience the many different species of fish in the area, it's possible to witness blacktips, hammerheads, nurse sharks, yellowtail and parrotfish, among many other species. No matter what you are looking for, Key West is home to many of the best snorkel spots in the world.

Sail and Snorkel Tours

Snorkeling is one of the best water activities available, and what better place to experience it than in Key West. Key West, located in Florida, is one of the best destinations in the world for snorkeling. Look at some of the best sailing and snorkeling that Key West has to offer and see all the Key West snorkeling tours this place has to offer.