Key West Shrimp

The ocean is teeming with underwater life that can mesmerize the human species. Key West snorkeling is one way to capture this amazing life cycle going on in the depths surrounding Key West, Florida.

Among all of the fascinating creatures you may find in the ocean waters down below are the pink shrimp that can be found mainly in the Dry Tortugas to the west of Key West. These shrimp are the mainstay food for a large number of Florida Bay species. The food chain is complex with the pink shrimp being a link that has major importance. Being low on the food chain, these pink shrimp provide food and energy for the larger species as the chain continues. While providing food for many of the different game fish that are found in the area, these tiny creatures are essential to keeping many species thriving.

Through the studies of pink shrimp, scientists get an indication of the Everglades changing health. This helps scientists determine the salinity, pollution, and other water factors in the ocean in this area of Key West waters.

Pink shrimp are also very important to the economy of the Key West area. Many fishermen rely on the money earned when selling large catches of pink shrimp to area restaurants and markets.

To get a full appreciation of the beauty of pink shrimp and other underwater species, a Key West snorkel is the perfect outlet to gain entry to this underwater show. Viewing the pink shrimp in their own environment will allow the viewer to capture the color, movement and importance of this small piece of living nature in its own habitat.