Key West Sand Diver

As any Key West native will tell you, snorkeling is the best way to experience all the beautiful sights the Florida Reef has to offer. Hundreds of specifies of flora and fauna call the reef home, and Key West snorkeling lets you get up close and personal to marvel at the variety of creatures that populate the crystal clear waters.

One of the more interesting fish that populates the reef is the Sand Diver, which has been compared to chameleons due to its color. The Sand Diver can be tough to spot thanks to its ability to change its body color to blend into the ocean floor and hide from predators. Its outer body varies from white to brown and everything in between. The sneaky fish can is able to change color to match nearby reefs or plants on the ocean floor. As their name suggests, Sand Divers are also known for burying themselves in the ocean floor, with only their head visible. This makes them harder to spot by both predators and curious humans alike.

Sand Divers can be tough to spot, so keep a close eye out for them while snorkeling. They tend to hang near coral reef and do their best to hide from bigger fish. Try to see how many different colors you can spot during your snorkeling adventure, and remember not to get too close as sand divers move and attack very quickly. If you find one that is moving, carefully try to follow it from a distance and notice how its body changes color depending on its surroundings. Seeing a fish change from white to brown to blue as it travels across the ocean in quite the site to behold.