How to Cope with Snorkeling Nerves

Another part of preparing for your snorkeling trip is to calm your nerves. It is scary to go Key West snorkeling for the first time, since many people wonder whether they will be able to breathe with the snorkel on. This sense of panic is exactly what causes problems, though, so you'll want to do some work to calm your fears before you go out for your snorkeling trip.

There are a few exercises that you can do to get ready for your trip. First, you can put the snorkel on before you get into the water and try to breathe calmly. Showing yourself that you can breathe through the snorkel helps calm your mind's worries. The next thing is to get in the water and simply float. Showing yourself that it's actually hard to go underwater with the lifejacket on will help calm your fears about not being able to swim hard enough.

If you don't have a lot of experience in the water, get to know your guide well. This person will be keeping you safe during your trip, so you can ask him or her any questions you have about the trip. Stay close to the guide throughout the snorkeling experience if you are nervous about being in the water.