Key West Green Moray Eel

For nature lovers, Key West is definitely among the top destinations on the planet. Key West is also a snorkeler's dream world. As soon as you descend beneath the water's surface, you will be surrounded by thousands of unique sea creatures. One of the most captivating sea creatures roaming the ocean is surely the green moray eel.

Resembling a terrifying monster from a science-fiction film, the green moray eel is one of the largest morays on earth. With the capability of growing up to 8 feet, it can exude an imposing shadow when swimming. Although the green moray eel's name implies that it is green in color, the animal is actually brown. The mucus that covers the green moray eel's body helps it to display a green appearance from afar.

With no scales on its body, the green moray eel looks very muscular from any angle. Key West Snorkeling puts you in close proximity to the green moray eel, so be leery of its strong teeth. This animal feeds on mostly shrimp, octopuses, squid, crabs, and other fish. Unlike some of the other ocean predators that pursue their prey, the green moray eel sits back and waits until the prey comes to it.

Although the green moray eel has a reputation for being vicious, this is a misconception that has been spread due to its threatening appearance. If you happen to see a green moray eel while snorkeling, it will probably be seen hiding along rocky shores or within the coral reef.