Key West Parrotfish

The parrotfish is one of the many beautiful and colorful fish you will find on the reef. Key West snorkeling would like to take you there for an upclose view of these exceptional and unique fish, in an amazing adventure that you will never forget. The parrotfish, like many other fish on the reef, are masterfully colored and breathtaking to see. They consist mostly of blue and green hues with some having many colorful markings in various shades of pink, yellow, or orange. Did you know there are as many as 80 or more different species of parrotfish? They are considered to be in close relation to the wrasse. The Parrotfish may range in size from one to four feet. They are an algae eating fish, which the reef itself provides a bountiful supply of. The parrotfish feeds on the algae from the broken pieces of coral. This majestic creature also has the ability to change it's gender throughout its lifetime. This ensures there is a dominant male parrotfish on the reef. If the beauty of this fish, and the desire to see it in it's most natural form and habitat interests you, then a Key West snorkel will bring you right to all the brilliance this fish has to offer. Let's go!