Key West Crabs

The Key West has many things to offer travelers that no other destination in the world does. It is home to beautiful seaside views, a spectacular and thriving culture, and culinary delicacies from the sea of all kinds. In addition to all of these wonders, the aquatic life that keeps its oceans thriving can be experienced on a personal level. Key West Snorkeling presents people with the opportunity to see some the most exotic creatures that inhabit the Caribbean seas as they thrive in their natural habitat. One of mother nature's most abundant creatures that keep this ecosystem in balance is the crab. The various species of this creature in these waters provides thrilling snorkeling experiences in addition to being a common feature in seafood dishes.

Stone Crab

These crab enjoy the waters of the Caribbean thanks to their warmer temperatures and the large presence of rocky bottoms, coral reef, and ship wrecks. They tend to be rather small in length, making them a species that is eaten less often, allowing them to flourish in greater numbers in the area. The stone crab has tremendously strong claws that are capable of breaking through an oyster's shell. One of the most intriguing things about this species is that it has the ability to regrow lost limbs.

The Flame-Streaked Box Crab

This species of crab is much more exotic than the species with which most travelers will be familiar. Their front claws can be moved with tremendous speed, and they are razor sharp for hunting and eating prey. They prefer a diet of various invertebrates, often prying open clams in order to eat. They can be somewhat bashful when it comes to making an appearance, however, catching sight of one is a real treat. Their shell displays a complex pattern of white streaks over a reddish-brown background that can be similar in appearance to small flames.